How hormones and stress impact your skin

Just like every other part of your body, hormones will reach your skin. They are brought to your skin by the tiny blood vessels in the lower layer we described earlier. It is vital for the skin to have these hormones as they are needed to keep it healthy. It is the job of hormones to tell every cell in your body what it should be doing. Most of the time the hormones message for you skin is the same – “just keep doing today what you were doing yesterday” – just as it is for much of the rest of your body. However, there are times when there are sudden and dramatic changes in your hormones, particularly for women and teenagers. Your body’s response to these changes is not always very pleasant. And in the case of your skin you can see the response, which can be in the form of blotches, pimples and breakouts.
Another thing that can affect your hormones is stress. Stress can be caused by many things such as problems at work or home, lack of sleep, bad diet or being poorly. The hormones that are affected by stress can cause your skin to slow down, if this continues for long enough your skin will not maintain and repair your barrier as quickly it should. This could lead to your skin becoming sensitive.
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