What causes Skin Sensitivity?

If you have sensitive skin, you will know it gets irritated easily. It may react to ingredients found in some skincare products, to stress or to your environment. Not ideal when you want to look and feel your best – but don’t worry, with the right products and right routine you can actually reduce the sensitivity of your skin. It’s possible to break the reasons for skin sensitivity down into distinct groups. Some of them may surprise you. 
The environment – outside and in
Sometimes something as simple as a change in the seasons can cause skin to become more sensitive, particularly in winter. The cooler air combined with central heating (and moving between the two) can cause skin to become dehydrated and potentially more sensitive. This is why your lips tend to become sorer in winter. 
It’s important to remember to vary your skincare routine throughout the year to take account of these changes. The atmosphere can be drier in winter so consider using a richer moisturiser or a cream based cleanser rather than a facial wash. 
It’s true! Excessive cleansing with the wrong products can cause skin to become irritated and sore. Treat skin with care. Avoid over cleansing & avoid harsh ingredients.  If you choose the right products for your skin type, cleansing can actually help improve the function of your skin barrier & reduce sensitivity, it’s about choosing the right product.
Your lifestyle plays a big part in skin health. Stress, working in an air conditioned office, smoking and exposure to the sun can upset your skins delicate balance very easily leading to increased sensitivity. Whilst it may not be possible to avoid all these skin sensitivity factors all the time, it makes perfect skin-sense to avoid smoking and full sun exposure without an SPF full stop. Combat the dehydrating effects of air conditioning by using a suitable moisturiser. 
Skin sensitivity is not just a matter of what we put on our skin. Skin irritants can be ingested in the food we eat too. Give your skin the best chance of natural health by eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water. 
This particularly affects women and it’s almost always around the time of your period. Fluctuating hormonal activity can not only cause the characteristic monthly break-outs but can also increase skins sensitivity overall.  
Ingredients in skincare products 
Common irritants present in skincare productsinclude perfume, colour and harsh chemicals. This is precisely why we don’t use them. We believe in using only the purest possible ingredients and never any unnecessary  or harsh chemicals. 
Recognising what is likely to irritate your skin is the most important thing you can do to prevent the reactions that characterise sensitive skin so make sure that you use products that contain nothing but skin-loving ingredients. 
In high doses, preservatives can sometimes aggravate the skin however all skincare products require preservatives to keep the formulations stable. Simple skincare products contain the right amount of preservative to ensure the product remains effective but most importantly safe to use. 
Clothes and jewellery 
It’s not just the skincare products you use on your skin which can upset it. It may surprise you to know that irritants which exist in clothing and jewelery such as nickel can cause skin sensitivity too. If your skin is particularly sensitive, think about the washing detergent and conditioner you are using too.   
Household cleaners 
Finally, avoid using household cleaning products without wearing gloves on your hands. These products contain harsh chemicals which can not only be dangerous but upset your skins delicate balance.
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